Family: a safe haven or a prison?

Compendium of Criminology

Family a safe haven or a prison?

Maria Pia Turiello

Intra-family violence is a topic of great interest and discussion for all professionals dealing with the phenomenon, because 'ill-treatment' and 'family' are in strong contradiction with each other.

The family, the essence of which is developed through respect, sharing, understanding and solidarity between the various members, should in fact represent the social group least vulnerable to violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, psychological violence and homicide. However, this contradiction exists on a daily basis and cuts across ages, places, socio-economic conditions and different cultures.

Therefore, the topic of violence should be carefully examined in different contexts, with the protagonists, perpetrators and victims, and for the different types of crime. It is therefore understandable that criminology has devoted particular interest to crimes that occur within the family.

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Family: a safe haven or a prison?
Compendium of Criminology
Maria Pia Turiello
Giugno 2021
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MARIA PIA TURIELLO is a Forensic Criminologist - High Conflict Mediator - Work and Organisational Psychologist. Consultant for Family Mediation - parenting support - foster care - separations - witnessed, sexual, psychological violence - bullying - stalking - mobbing in the associated studio CFPRT Partners Rome.

She is Lecturer in the Department of Criminology of the University. International University for Peace (UNO), Founder member and Lecturer of the Benedetto Croce School of Ethics, Contract Professor at Unicusano, Founder member and President of the AISPAC Association (Italian Association for the Study of Prevention and Analysis of Crimes) and Responsible for the Listening Points for victims of violence; Planner, Speaker, Moderator and Trainer in many Tables and Conferences on Gender Violence, Separations, Minors, Behavioural Finance, Psychology. Member of the Justice Commission for proposals on gender violence and minors. Author of numerous scientific contributions on the subject.

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